Is Capitalism a crime?

More and more people can see new constraints on our freedom. They see widening inequality and the threat of ecological disaster growing. Are these problems caused by the Capitalist system? We are putting the system on trial in The Capitalism Tribunal.

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Sex Sells

Wie kann es sein, dass der Körper der Frau* zur Vermarktung genutzt wird, ihr* selbst aber nicht das Recht über diesen zusteht? Laut definition ist das Patriachat eine ,,Gesellschaftsform, in de...

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The red Book!

"The Capitalism Tribunal - Revolution of the Economic Rights", Edited by Haus Bartleby, published by Passagen Verlag, Vienna. Paperback, 160 pages, non-profit, first appirition in German, May 1, 2...

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